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Finale: Cleaning up Monopoly and a Bright Red Shirt November 6, 2006

Posted by Bill Carroll in Extreme Farewell Tour.

Sunday, November 5, 2006

The comfort of my own home

Dallas, Texas

Now that everyone has had a chance to relax a little, including me, it’s time to clean up a couple of last little bits of action from the Extreme Farewell Tour.

First of all, Monopoly. I took all of our lovingly collected game pieces and played the online game. It’s really pretty spiffy–lots of action and graphics. The way it’s played, each game piece has a code number which entitles you to one roll of the dice. Collect all of a group of properties and you have a chance to win prizes. Land on Community Chest or Chance and you could win a ringtone or game for your phone.

So I played. Took me six days because you can only spin ten times a day. We got three railroads and two of a number of sets of properties, but no scores. Well, that’s not quite true. I think I hit Community Chest about eight times, and am the proud winner of eight ringtones. I’m a little underwhelmed since I always keep my Blackberry on “stun” and don’t use a ringtone. Extra ringtones for me are about as useful as a windshield ice scraper in Saudi Arabia. Oh. And we have a couple of free breakfast sandwiches. After last week cereal started to look good again. I’m going to have to save the freebies for a while.

But here’s the thing. I’m a little nonplussed because I don’t think the dice are honest. In ten trips around the board I hit Electric Company eight times. So anyway, unless Project SEED has a big use for ringtones or a sausage biscuit, Monopoly shut us out AGAIN this year. Man.

But that’s not to say there were no winners on the tour. How ’bout them Cardinals, huh? Now, I’m not sure what to make of this, but when we were in St. Louis, the Cardinals won. The day we were in Detroit, the Tigers won. The Detroit section gave me a spiffy replica jersey, which you saw in the blog posting for that day.

Bill in a St. Louis Cardinals shirtNow, the St. Louis Section was miffed that I appeared in public in the Tigers jersey, and immediately bought a Cardinals shirt and sent it to me. It apparently followed me to hotels around the midwest, eventually catching up with me in Dallas. it was embedded in three express mail envelopes by the time it got here.

So here’s my theory. The St. Louis fans should probably be glad I DIDN’T get the shirt. The Carroll effect lasted in Detroit for exactly one game, then the Tigers went down the hopper. Heaven only knows what would have happened if I’d worn the St. Louis shirt. Is it possible for BOTH teams to lose a World Series?

But, speaking as a lifelong Cubs fan, and looking forward to next year, here is a picture of me in the Cardinal shirt. I’ve taken it off now in the hopes that it will impact next year’s National League Central race.

So that pretty well closes out a wonderful trip. Thanks again to everyone in St. Louis, Detroit, Oglesby, Peru, Evansville, Cleveland, Greencastle, West Lafayette, Chicago, South Bend and St. Paul. It was a hoot!



1. Lisa M Balbes - November 6, 2006

Love the photo! I’m glad to see the shirt finally caught up with you – guess it had it’s own Extreme Chemistry Tour.


2. fernandezbullock71 - April 9, 2016

Yep, been to Avillion and been wanting to go back eversince..it was just too short a time the last time I was there. Click http://www.l33turl.com/moon09180

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