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Welcome to the NCW Blog October 6, 2006

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Welcome to the National Chemistry Week blog!  Once again, Bill Carroll will be criss-crossing the nation (at least the Midwest) and promoting the wonders of chemistry to America’s youth and prosletyzing to adults how they can help shape the future of the central science.

Bill, along with his trusty companions, will be posting their adventures on this blog as well as airing podcasts. Their journey begins in St. Louis on October 21 and ends in River Falls, Wisconsin, on October 28.



1. Ruth Woodall, Nashville ACS Section - October 24, 2006

Happy National Chemistry Week to all.
A Challenge to all sections to get out and spread the word that this is National Chemistry Week!!!
Nashville, Tennessee, home of the best ACS section in the USA!
Nashville, TN kicked Off NCW yesterday at Strattford High School with Jennifer Berry, chemistry teacher, and over 2000 students 10 businesses, universities and government partners educating students about chemistry and careers and of course “the mole”. Yesterday was 10/23. We had one student who made a periodic table out of bathroom tiles and painted the elements on each one of the tiles. Each tile was about one centimeter square. This week we have student affiliates visting schools, members visting classrooms, and events going on all over the place. Nashville has it going on! We are even celebrating 10 years of Expanding Your Horizons on Friday evening.
Happy Celebrating!!!!

“Chemistry, transforming lives all over the world!”

2. Bill Carroll - October 24, 2006


You guys rock and always have. Thanks for the update–sorry you can’t be here or we can’t be there this year.


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